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Canned O2 Combination Packs

Canned O2 Combination Packs


Combinations of our best-selling canned oxygen are the perfect way to help discover which canned oxygen best suits your needs. All Combination packs come with a counter display to showcase your canned oxygen.


The canned O2 contains from 1.55L to a whopping 11L of pure recreational oxygen in each can for natural energy and recovery!

Mini contains more than 24 breaths (1.55L)
Skinni contains more than 50 breaths (3.42L)
Biggi contains more than 220 breaths (11L)

The Skinni and Mini disposable oxygen canisters have a “tilt-back” top that sprays directly into your mouth. Biggi disposable oxygen canisters include an ergonomically-designed breathing mask that delivers oxygen to your mouth with the press of a trigger.

Cans are assembled, filled and quality-controlled in the USA.

Pick up your all-natural pick-me-up today!

  • -99.5% Aviator Breathing Oxygen
  • -Filled in an FDA-registered facility, in a ‘clean room’
  • -Made with recyclable aluminum, and are 100% recyclable after use.

USA and ground shipments only. All sales are final.

Suggested Retail Price for each can:
Mini $9.95, Skinni $19.95, Biggi $29.95


Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in

6 O1 Biggi, 24 O2 Skinni, 9 O2 Biggi, 24 O2 Skinni, 2 O2 Biggi, 24 O2 Skinni and 12 O2 Mini Counter Display, 6 O2 Biggi, 12 O2 Skinni, 12 O2 Mini, 6 O2 Biggi, 24 O2 Skinni, 24 O2 Mini, 12 O2 Biggi w/counter display, 18 O2 Biggi w/ counter display

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