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5LPM O24U Inhalation

5LPM O24U Inhalation


The O24U Elevate Inhalation oxygen system will allow you to relax and recharge with 95% pure oxygen infused with your choice of popular aromatherapy.

This compact and portable all-in-one oxygen infusion system can easily be integrated into a multitude of residential or commercial applications. Create your own tranquil space to your home or office. Add the 5LPM O24U Elevate Inhalation  next to a poolside lounge chair or roll into a private cabana for the ultimate in poolside experience. In room delivery service can create a ‘zen zone’ in any hotel room or add to medi-spa for a rejuvenating oxygen inhalation session.

This package includes all the necessary equipment and supplies needed to breathe easy right out of the box and includes all equipment and supplies you need to get started.

The O24U Elevate Inhalation is a self-contained unit that utilizes pressure swing adsorption technology to produce 95% pure oxygen. The entire unit is virtually maintenance-free. There is never any need to purchase oxygen or oxygen tanks as you always have oxygen on demand. Ideal for serving one person at a time.

Package Includes

  • (1) O24U Elevate Oxygen Inhalation System 5LPM*
    (2) Oxy/Aroma Infusion Canisters
    (1) Connection Kit
  • (100) Nose Hoses – Individually Sani-sealed
    (2) Oxygen Safe Oxy/Aromas** (400 10-minute sessions)
    (2) Oxy/Aroma Labels (full color graphics)
  • Marketing System:
    (2) Oxygen Posters
    (1) Table Top Oxygen Display
    (1) Oxygen Aroma Menu
    (1) Benefits of Oxygen Display
    (1) Facts About Oxygen Display
    (6) Gift Cards/Loyalty Cards
  • (1) Equipment Instructional User Guide
    (1) Maintenance Guide
    (1) Maintenance Schedule
    5-Year Manufacturer Warranty
    24/7 Live Operational & Technical Support

**All aromas have a 6 month shelf life.


Please choose your voltage

Add Additional Nose Hoses And Save!

This packages includes 100 Nose Hoses

Add Additional Oxy/Aromas, Aroma Canisters And Save!

This package includes 2 Oxy/Aroma Infusion Canisters and 2 Oxy/Aromas. We will contact you to finalize your Oxy/Aroma selection. All aromas have a 6 month shelf life.

Add Maintenance Kit And Save!

Keep spare parts on hand includes: filter, 6′ tubing, generator spout, 2 connection “T”, 4 tube connectors

Oxy/Aromas * 

Please choose your Oxy/Aromas
(Oxy/Aroma choices are displayed in the picture gallery on this product)

Add A Relaxation Station! * 

This compact and space-saving option is on wheels and can easily be moved from room to room. Please select your color.

  • -Produces a constant delivery pressure of 95% pure oxygen
  • -One therapeutic aromatherapy or use distilled water for ‘Pure’ unscented oxygen
  • -Unique design for quiet operation
  • –Easy pull handle and smooth rolling casters for ease of portability
  • -Concentrates ambient air safely and conveniently; no O2 tanks, refills or storing oxygen. You never need to buy oxygen again.
  • -Compact design that is lightweight for maximum flexibility
  • -Low equipment maintenance
  • -Low operating costs
  • -Simple plug-in that uses a standard electrical outlet
  • Oxygen Purity: 95%
  • Constant Oxygen Purity at each Liter:
  • 1L 95%, 2L 95%, 3L 95%, 4L 95%, 5L 95%
  • Oxygen Power Output: 5 LPM* / 12 PSI*
  • Voltage: 110v 60Hz / 3 Amps; 230v 50Hz / 2 Amps
  • Dimensions: 14″ L x 9″ D x 23″ H
  • Weight: 32lbs

*LPM= Liters Per Minute, PSI=pounds per square inch of O2 delivery pressure

Weight 36 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 20 × 15 in

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