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6LPM O24U Facial

6LPM O24U Facial


The O24U is the ultimate advancement in non-surgical, non-invasive skin conditioning stimulating the production of fresh young healthy skin cells. The O24U Facial System offers your customers two unique oxygen services:

  • 1. The external, topical application of 95% pure oxygen for oxygen facials.
  • 2. The inhalation of 95% pure oxygen that can be infused with natural aromatherapies.

Ideal for one person for an oxygen facial and serves up to two people at a time for inhalation via nasal cannula or oxygen mask.

Oxygen Wand

A simple yet powerful and effective device used during an oxygen facial. The topical application of highly concentrated oxygen molecules is applied directly into the epidermis (outer layer the skin) with the Oxygen Wand to nourish the skin and promote collagen growth. The oxygen facial diminishes all the tiny imperfections that would otherwise be visible and without any side effects.


Liquid Oxygen

Add this luxurious O2 Elixir to the Oxygen Wand to help reverse the visible signs of aging while providing soothing properties to the skin. Hydrates, revitalizes and rejuvenates as it addresses the effects of everyday environmental stress. Helps promote clear skin, sooth irritated or sensitive skin, promote hydration and moisture retention. Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Oxygen Mask

The oxygen facial mask allows your client to enjoy an oxygen inhalation session and pure oxygen on the face and neck simultaneously for total coverage. Use during an oxygen facial or use in a relation area while your client is relaxing in a chaise lounge in a reclining position.


Nasal Cannula / Nose Hose 

Breathe in, breathe out...6 LPM of 95% pure oxygen is delivered by a nasal cannula directly into the nasal passage.  Decompress and find tranquility before, during or after a spa treatment. The oxygen inhalation session of pure oxygen can be infused with natural aromatherapy of choice for a fully personalized experience. Your clients will leave the spa feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

For an extra boost of oxygen upgrade to our Deluxe Facial Package which includes our signature 2-Step topical professional products: the Oxygen Infusion Facial System. (click here to see)

Package Includes

  • (1) O24U White Oxygen Facial System 6L*
    (3) Oxy/Aroma Infusion Canister
    (1) Connection Kit
  • (2) Extension Kits for social distancing
    (100) Nose Hoses – Individually Sani-sealed
  • (20) Oxygen Masks
  • (1) O2 Wand
  • (3)  Stabilized Liquid Oxygen 4 oz. for Oxygen Wand
  • (3) Oxygen Safe Oxy/Aromas (400 10-minute sessions)
    (3) Oxy/Aroma Labels (full color graphics)
  • Spa Marketing System:
    (2) Spa Oxygen Posters
    (1) Spa Table Top Oxygen Display
    (1) Oxygen Aroma Menu
    (1) Benefits of Oxygen Display
    (1) Facts About Oxygen Display
    (6) Gift Cards/Loyalty Cards
    (1) Equipment Instructional User Guide
    (1) Maintenance Guide
    (1) Maintenance Schedule
    5-Year Manufacturer Warranty
    24/7 Live Operational & Technical Support



Color Options * 

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Voltage * 

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Add additional Nose Hoses and Save! * 

This packages includes 100 Nose Hoses

Add additional Oxy/Aromas, Aroma Canisters and Save! * 

This package includes 2 Oxy/Aroma Infusion Canisters and 2 Oxy/Aromas.

Keep Spare Parts On Hand includes: filter, 6′ tubing, generator spout, 2 connection “T”, 4 tube connectors

Oxy/Aromas * 

Please choose your Oxy/Aromas
(Oxy/Aroma choices are displayed in the picture gallery on this product)

The O24U Portable Oxygen System is easily transported with easy pull handles and smooth rolling castors.

Standard Features

  • -Unique design for quiet operation
    -Concentrates ambient air safely; no tanks, refills or storing oxygen. You never need to buy oxygen again.
    -Sleek and compact design with smooth rolling casters and pull handles on each side for ease of portability
    -Low equipment maintenance and requires no medical license to operate
    -Low operating costs
    -Plug into a standard outlet anywhere in the world
  • Made in the USA
  • Oxygen Purity: 95%
  • Constant Oxygen Purity at each Liter:
  • 1L 95%, 2L 95%, 3L 95%, 4L 95%, 5L 95%, 6L 95%
  • Oxygen Power Output: 6 LPM* / 9 PSI*
  • Voltage: 110v 60Hz
  • Dimensions: 17″ L x 15″ D x 29″ H
  • Weight: 51lbs

*LPM= Liters Per Minute, PSI=pounds per square inch of O2 delivery pressure

Weight 67 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 17 × 16 in

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